A: Yes, the charge for a typical firearms transfer is $40 per firearm except for Class 3 weapons. Class 3 weapons transfers are $75
A: A pistol purchase permit is required at the time of purchase. Some counties issue permits as you request them, others may make you come back after several days for the permit. If a permit is in hand at the time the transaction takes place there is no additional wait.
A: Permits are issued by the Sheriff’s Department of the County you reside in.
A: No. Rifles and Shotguns can be purchased with a valid state issued ID after a background check is performed or a valid concealed carry permit is shown.
A: Yes, depending on the state you live in.  There is a limited number of machine guns that may be legally owned by civilians.  These are considered extremely valuable and are highly collectible.  Please contact our Class 3 specialist for any questions you may have about ownership.
A: “Class 3” is a designation for a registered firearm, suppressor, or any other type of weapon that requires a special type of transfer for ownership.  Machine guns, silencers and short barrel rifles require a $200 onetime tax paid to the government to approve the transfer of ownership.  AOWs (any other weapon) require a $5 tax paid.
A: There is no NC state law that requires you to register your firearms, or notify any public official.  One county in NC requires its residents to register handguns – Durham County.  This power was granted to Durham County by the State Legislature.  No other counties or localities are permitted to require registration.
A: No permit or other legal document is necessary to legally possess a rifle, shotgun or handgun in North Carolina as long as the firearm is not capable of fully automatic fire.
A: Yes.  All handgun transfers in North Carolina, whether through a dealer or via private sale, or presented as a gift, require the intended recipient of the handgun to obtain a Pistol Purchase Permit from his/her local Sheriff.  You must go to your Sheriff, apply for a Pistol Purchase Permit (one per handgun you wish to purchase), and pay a $5 fee.  If a Pistol Purchase Permit is not presented, both the buyer and the seller can be convicted of a Class I Misdemeanor.As of 8/10/04 a new law was enacted, which permits someone with a valid North Carolina Concealed Handgun Permit to purchase a pistol without the need to obtain a Pistol Purchase Permit.